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Compton's Foodland

About Compton's Foodland:

We are a community based, independently operated grocery supermarket. We pride ourselves on the three P's...

Pride:We take tremendous pride in servicing our customers' needs. WE BELIEVE IN EXCELLENT SERVICE! Indulge yourselves by allowing us to do our job by taking care of you. Whether it be in a certain cut of meat you would like or allow us to handle your groceries to your car for you. We don't mind at all to do whatever you might need, it's what we take pride in.

Product: Our goal is to provide our customers' the FINEST meats, FRESHEST produce and the VARIETY of products you need to feed your family.

Price: We recognize what it takes to feed a family these days so we fight to keep our prices LOW and pass along all deals made available to us.

We are grocery folks born and raised to be of service to humans. It is in our blood. We purchased the store from Mr. James Compton in 2005. Mr. Compton was ready to enjoy some family time afer dedicating his 80+ years to the grocery business. We have taken much care to operate as he did with a humility and pride that only serving others can bring. We love what we do. Our family is a three-generation grocery family and you shouldn't be suprised to see our children following in those same footsteps.

We want you to know we appreciate you choosing us to feed your family. We appreciate what an absolute honor that choice is. Please don't hesitate in communicating what your needs or suggestions might be as we want to be your choice always.

From our Family to yours, Thank you for shopping with our Compton's Foodland Family.

Sincerely, The Hunter Family